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Halsschmuck Samburu Kenia 2018, Gemeinschaftsarbeit der Frauen bei Sabache. Tschechische Glasperlen, Metall, Plastik. Photo: H.Müller-Dempf

Many were interested in the exhibition, which was created in cooperation with the Bengel Foundation in Idar-Oberstein and the German Goldsmith’s House and was shown at both locations. The exhibition curated by me included modern and ethnic jewelry from 10 African countries in the context of contemporary jewelry from Europe. A nice catalog has been published, as well as a detailed article in ART AUREA, https: // artaurea. de / 2021 / life-is-art /

Akwele Suma Glory, Ghana – Halsschmuck „Zwielicht“ 2020, Mahagonizweig, Kamelknochen, tschechische Glasperlen, Stoff aus Mali. Photo: H. Müller-Dempf


Martina Dempf Collier 2021 „Der ewige Wanderer“, Silber, Mooreiche geschnitzt, Hämatit. Photo: S. Ahlers



The Brazilian dancer, choreographer and art director Cristina Perera together with me, started a project on modern dance and contemporary art jewellery. Visit our new website: www.trans-forma




With 2 works I am presented in a new a publication by Nicolas Estrada. The book will be available for sales worldwide in its English and Spanish versions by January 2021.

New Bracelets features more than 500 photographs, gathering about 400 works by 200 jewellery contemporary artists. Prefaces of the book, specially written by Barbara Schmidt and Helen Britton, are included. The cover is illustrated with a piece by Australian jeweler Sim Luttin.

JEWELERY 2006 – 2018
I have published a catalog with examples of my work since 2006. The focus is on forms from nature, reflected in silver and other materials that fascinate me. Barbara M. Henke writes under the heading “Touching Wood – And Other Materials in Martina Dempf’s Jewelry”: ” With the transformation into an object meant for the human body, the artist removes the transience from the natural material, drawing the viewer’s attention to the beauty of the new artistic form … ”

The catalog has 48 pages,
texts in German and English,
with numerous color photos
You can order it for the price of
12 EUR plus shipping costs.
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