Remise at IBA-Hof
International Exhibitions
Communicating Jewellery

The Remise on Fraenkelufer in Berlin-Kreuzberg is a former coach house from 1860. It is located on the so-called Ballerhof, a project of the International Building Exhibition of 1985.
On the upper floor is the studio with workshop and gallery. Here I am organize exhibitions, lectures and concerts.

Artists in the Remise – A Selection

Gudrun Arp / Kim Buck / Anja Eichler / Nora Fok / Akis Goumas / Mieke Groot /Svenja John / Kyung Shin Kim / Tasso Mattar /
Brigitte Moser / Tabea Reulecke / Dani Schwaag / Tore Svensson / Karin Seufert / Vivi Touzloumidi / Julia Turner / Sibylle Umlauf / Alena Wilroth / Artemis Zafrana

Stefan Kunze / Christiane Leimklef /
Regina Sell / Peter Weitz

Siebrand Rehberg

Esmahan Aykol / Volker Kaminski
Christine Österlein

Stefan Bruns + Ensemble / Nora Buschmann /
Karl Wunsch + Ensemble

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