Jewellery Art
Time Leap
In Transition
Inspiration Sinai

My new pieces of jewellery and objects (2018-2019) are linked to an era when humans discovered their ability to make tools and weapons. In doing so, they were able to take control of their environment – a development that has taken on gigantic dimensions to this day, but is turning against us ever more rapidly.

These objects, however – which were often essential to ensure survival – not only had a practical and often violent purpose: they also had intentional aesthetic aspects, as recent research shows.

I would once again like to take up this human “big bang” in a “leap in time” by focusing on the aesthetic components.

However, I am not only interested in the aesthetic quality of a piece of jewellery. The transformation of a weapon (arrowhead, knife, spearhead) into jewellery is also a clear rejection of human aggression.

The pieces of jewellery are carved from wood, cast from aluminium and brass, combined with silver and other materials. They are modelled on original weapons and knives from different regions and ages. By using materials such as wood and metal the prototypes, which were originally made of stone, are deliberately altered.

Woodwork in co-operation with Claus Spiess, wood carver